Womens "Elegance" Split Sole Satin Pointe Shoes


S0191L Bloch - Bloch

2 -2 1/2 sizes down from street shoe size
Supreme athletes deserve a supreme shoe. That's why Bloch has made it their mission to provide a pointe shoe that targets all of a dancer's needs with the comfort of your favorite sneakers. That's right, sneakers. The new Dance Sports Fusion line features revolutionary pointe shoes that are elegant, lightweight, and essentially feel like a sports shoe. All-day endurance and long-lasting comfort for the athlete in every dancer. The weight-wise "Elegance" pointe shoe features a graduated toe box with inner cushion offering comfort and noise reduction technology, a patented stretch construction that hugs the heel at all times, a very flat profile to avoid rolling while standing flat, full grain leather outsole, and a revolutionary "Relevease" insole - allowing you to easily roll through releve onto pointe while providing shock absorption. Ribbons and elastic not included. Content: Satin
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