Rubin by Russian Pointe, Adult Pointe Shoes


RD- RUSSIAN POINTE - Russian Pointe

Perfect your pointework and shine on stage in this lightweight and quiet pointe shoe with a sleek, pleatless toe platform, and non-slip leather sole. The hand-crafted Russian Pointe Rubin (Russian for ruby) features a wide toe platform, low crown, and Russian Pointe's pre-arched construction designed to mimic the shape of the foot en pointe, enhance longevity, decrease pressure on the front of the foot for high arches, and minimize break-in. Best suited to the less-full foot with square to slightly tapered toes.

*Wide Tapered Box
*Short/Average Vamp
*Low Profile
*Flexible Shank
*Flexible Soft/Flexible Medium Shank Strength
*Medium/Hard Box Strength
*All Foot Shapes

*Adult "Rubin" V-Cut Pointe Shoes
*Standard 3/4" Elastic
*Pointe Shoe Ribbon

Special features

SS- Soft Shank
M- Medium Shank
H- Hard Shank
Flexible Soft
Flexible Medium
Flexible Hard