Grishko / Nikolay -Elite Pre-Pointe (ORIGINAL-MADE


Grishko / Nikolay - Elite Pre-Point - Grishko / Nikolay

Grishko / Nikolay - Elite Pre-Pointe ( ORIGINAL-MADE IN RUSSIA) The Elite Pre-Pointe has a very wide box, allowing enough room for growing bones. This shankless shoe is to be used as a transition from slippers to pointe shoes. It helps to develop the muscles needed for later pointe work but should NEVER be used to go on pointe.
Please select 1 of the 3 available shank strengths offered: SS-Soft, M-Medium, H-Hard.

Special features

SS- Soft Shank
M- Medium Shank
H- Hard Shank
V1 - Short Vamp
V2 - Medium Vamp
V3 - Long Vamp