Grishko / Nikolay - Vaganova ( ORIGINAL-MADE IN RU


Grishko / Nikolay - Vaganova - Grishko / Nikolay

Grishko / Nikolay's- Vaganova ( ORIGINAL-MADE IN RUSSIA) This Releve model pointe shoe features a deep, V-shaped vamp and tapered box like the Ulanova II. The Vaganova provides termendous support to the metarsal and is an ideal shoe for a dancer with narrow feet or heels, and with high flexible arches. Thanks to a narrow box and small platform, the shoe makes the foot visually longer and more elegant.PLEASE ALLOW 6-8 WEEKS FOR SHIPPING.ITEM IS A SPECIAL ORDER AND FINAL

Please select 1 of the 3 available shank strengths offered: SS-Soft, M-Medium, H-Hard.

Special features

SS- Soft Shank
M- Medium Shank
H- Hard Shank
V1 - Short Vamp
V2 - Medium Vamp
V3 - Long Vamp