Grishko / Nikolay- Maya (ORIGINAL-MADE IN RUSSIA)


Grishko / Nikolay- Maya I - Grishko / Nikolay

Women order 3 sizes smaller than street size
Grishko / Nikolay- Maya (ORIGINAL-MADE IN RUSSIA) The Maya is a lightweight model with a 3/4-length shank with roll-through design, and lighter box wings for enhanced flexibility and comfort. Created on the same last as Fouette, Maya features a medium-height V-shaped vamp, medium platform and slightly tapered box. Suede sole, cotton drawstring. Grishko pointe shoes are made in Moscow, Russia, by expert cobblers who craft each shoe individually by hand, using natural, non-toxic materials. The company designs its shoes based on in-depth study of anatomy and function, to best ensure superb performance and protect dancers' health and safety on pointe. Grishko's attention to detail includes balancing each shoe by hand; using cotton drawstrings to protect against tendonitis over-tightened elastic can cause; using glues that help the toe box mold beautifully to the foot; maintaining shank mobility at the heel without sacrificing support; designing both platforms and soles to be flat and stable for excellent balance on and off pointe; and selecting only the finest satin for a beautiful appearance. Grishko pointe shoes are considered reliable, durable and consistent. Available in Medium or Hard shanks; please specify when ordering. Ribbons not included. Color: Light European Pink Satin. Content: Upper: Satin/Man-Made; Sole: Leather Features: Wide Tapered Box Short/Average Vamp Medium Profile 3/4 Shank Medium/Hard Shank Strength Moderate Box Strength Greek Foot Shape

Special features

SS- Soft Shank
M- Medium Shank
H- Hard Shank
V1 - Short Vamp
V2 - Medium Vamp
V3 - Long Vamp