Grishko- Fouette Proflex (ORIGINAL MADE IN RUSSIA)


Grishko / Nikolay - Fouette Proflex - Grishko / Nikolay

Women order 3 sizes smaller than street size
*** Special Order Shoe- Please allow 8-10 Weeks For Shipping *** Grishko / Nikolay's- Fouette Proflex (ORIGINAL MADE IN RUSSIA) Grishko's Fouette ProFlex integrates two innovative technologies: Pro for silence on stage, and Flex to hug the arch, ease break-in, and enhance roll-through. Fouette ProFlex has a supportive slightly tapered box, medium platform, full-length shank, and medium-height V-shaped vamp. Leather sole, cotton drawstring. Grishko pointe shoes are made in Moscow, Russia, by expert cobblers who craft each shoe individually by hand, using natural, non-toxic materials. The company designs its shoes based on in-depth study of anatomy and function, to best ensure superb performance and protect dancers' health and safety on pointe. Grishko's attention to detail includes balancing each shoe by hand; using cotton drawstrings to protect against tendonitis over-tightened elastic can cause; using glues that help the toe box mold beautifully to the foot; maintaining shank mobility at the heel without sacrificing support; designing both platforms and soles to be flat and stable for excellent balance on and off pointe; and selecting only the finest satin for a beautiful appearance. Grishko pointe shoes are considered reliable, durable and consistent. Available in Medium and Hard shanks. Please specify shank when ordering. Ribbons not included. Content: Upper: Satin/Man-Made; Sole: Leather Features: Wide Tapered Box Short/Average Vamp Medium Profile Flexible Shank Medium

Special features

SS- Soft Shank
M- Medium Shank
H- Hard Shank
V1 - Short Vamp
V2 - Medium Vamp
V3 - Long Vamp