Freed Studio Pointe Shoe


Freed Studio Pointe Shoe - Freed of London

2 sizes lower than normal street size.
State of the Art Pointe Shoe for the beginner dancer. Handcrafted in England with the acclaimed characteristics of the Freed Classic. Extra durable to withstand class after class. Freed's Studios features a strong block for extra support. Suede sock lining for maximal grip. Standard insole.

  • B =Narrow Width.
  • C =Medium Width.
  • D =Med/Wide Width.
  • E =Wide Width.
  • EE=Double Wide.

  • Special features

    Include Matching Satin Ribbons (Add $4.95)
    Include Wool Toe Pads (Add $14.95)
    Include Bunheads Gel Pads (Add $16.95)