Bloch-"Suprima" Pointe Shoes


S0132L Bloch - Bloch

Order 2.5 Sizes Down From Street Shoe Size.
Beginners through advanced students will feel comfortable in this Bloch shoe. "Suprima" provides good flexibility through releve, yet retains good arch support. This shoe has a flattering appearance because of its excellent fit and tapered platform. Ribbons not included. Content: Upper: Satin/Man-Made; Sole: Leather Features: Tapered Toe Box Short/Average Vamp Medium Profile Flexible Shank Medium Shank Strength Moderate Box Strength Egyptian Foot Shape

Special features

Include Matching Satin Ribbons (Add $4.95)
Include Wool Toe Pads (Add $14.95)
Include Bunheads Gel Pads (Add $16.95)