"Sonata" Pointe Shoes


S0130L Bloch - Bloch

Order 2.5 Sizes Down From Street Shoe Size.
"Sonata" by Bloch is designed for beginners to professionals and features a high and wide toe platform. These shoes make the dancer feel lifted from the floor when on pointe. The arch support in this 3/4 skived shank shoe is felt right under the front section of the heel. Ribbons not included. Content: Upper: Satin/Man-Made; Sole: Leather Features: Wide Tapered Box Short/Average Vamp High Profile Narrow Heel 3/4 Shank Lighter Shank Strength Medium Box Strength Square Foot Shape

Special features

Include Matching Satin Ribbons (Add $4.95)
Include Wool Toe Pads (Add $14.95)
Include Bunheads Gel Pads (Add $16.95)