"Stellar Standard" Pointe Shoe


Stellar Standard Suffolk - Suffolk

American street size minus two sizes.
The Stellar is perfect for the lower profile foot and enables the dancer to get over the platform, while fully articulating her feet. Suffolk’s patented design is used in the Stellar. This shoe gives the dancer a strong supportive box, wider platform, and arch-hugging insole. The medium vamp with the signature Suffolk U shape is hand cut to perfection. • Fitting suggestion is American street size minus two sizes.
AVAILABILITY UPDATE: Not all Suffolk Pointe Shoes are available for immediate delivery.
Orders may take 4-6 weeks to receive if not in stock.

Special features

Include Matching Satin Ribbons (Add $4.95)
Include Wool Toe Pads (Add $14.95)
Include Bunheads Gel Pads (Add $16.95)